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The northeastern edge of the Italian boot, the three-named Friuli Venezia Giulia refers to 1) the powerful medieval Dukes of Friuli, 2) the one-time overlord Venetian Empire, and 3) its name in Roman times. Clearly this is a complicated place – semi-autonomous, an economic powerhouse, quiet… and definitely enhanced by a shortage of tourists. You can see spectacular alpine and coastal scenery, Roman ruins at Aquileia, a vaunted wine region known for its whites, charming towns, and the capital Trieste, a strategic seaport connecting Italy to Central and Eastern Europe. With art and architecture from Byzantium to the Hapsburgs, Trieste is the unexpected icing on the FVG cake.

Expand your horizons…. Friuli Venezia Giulia shares an international border with Austria to the north and Slovenia to the east. It borders on Veneto to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the south. It’s easy to add on Veneto for a gondola ride in the Venice canals or for the Giotto frescoes at the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua; or hop a ferry to Ancona in Marche, gateway for a whole new set of adventures.

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