The three Kings of Parma


Panoramic drive through the prosperous, refined city of Parma, ancestral home of the powerful 16th century Farnese family. Parma’s beautiful Lombard-Romanesque Duomo, adorned with Correggio’s “Assumption of the Virgin”, together with its exquisite pink marble Baptistery, other nearby churches and the Farnese’s Palazzo Pilotta, are testament to the city’s heritage of art, sculpture and fine architecture. It was all supported by Parma’s bountiful agricultural products. You’ll tour a Parmigiano Reggiano factory (Parmesan cheese is a cornerstone of Italian food!), a plant processing Parma ham, and finally a winery, its vineyards and cellar where you can taste the famous Lambrusco wine, one of the region’s famous varietals.

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