Big Occasions deserve Special Vacations!

As the title of my latest article suggests, “Big Occasions deserve Special Vacations, it’s great that we can all open our cards and presents in the comfort of our own homes, with family looking on acknowledging the gifts you have received from them and others, with you thanking them for making the effort to think of you on this special day, your birthday. Wooohooo!!

However, there may also be that real ‘passion’ and a ‘burning desire’ to spread your wings, doing things a little differently, taking the opportunity to visit our beautifully idyllic and historical Country, especially when you reach that milestone birthday, whether that is turning 40, 50, 60 or even the big Seven or Eight O! 

It’s definitely something worth celebrating, after all, you only ever experience one of these special milestones once in every lifetime, so come on, get your passports ready, get on that plane, and don’t look back, because Italy really has it all!!

Now, Yes, I do always speak with such spirit and gusto when it comes to the reasons why I would love you all to come and visit our wonderful Country, but you know something, it’s because I LOVE IT! 

Yes, it’s true, there, I have said it “I LOVE ITALY!” and so should you, where else can you visit a country with such an abundance of uninterrupted history together with supreme gastronomy, exquisite wine, and land as we say here blessed by the gods, in views that will take your breath away accompanied by Mediterranean weather. Definitely uniquely different to anything you may have visited before (certainly on your birthday anyway).

Consider a city break for your birthday, even for just a long weekend. Believe me, there is nothing more spectacular than visiting any one of the big cities here in Italy, whether that’s in Florence with its rich historical backdrop that includes museums, art galleries, and other places of historical importance, lending itself to the bygone times of Italy. 

You might also wish to ‘whisk’ yourself off to Milan for a spot of opera at the La Traviata, followed by a spot of shopping in one of the many fashionable boutiques that this unique city has to offer, for those who want to indulge their passion for fashion! 

It could even be Rome, Rome is not just a historical city… Rome is the Caput Mundis, in all sense of the word,  from incredible sites to wonderful restaurants and wine bars to enjoy seeing a football match with friends or just simply visiting our many surrounding villages known only to a few, where you will really experience the so-called farm to table. 

You all know the list could go on and on, quite simply Italy has it all for you on your special milestone occasion. Where you choose to go is entirely up to you, but one thing is for certain: my team and I will always go the extra mile for you, ensuring that your big occasion is matched by a Special Vacation!

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