Expertise and a Joyful Attitude

You should see us! We can hardly contain our excitement! It feels even better than when we pull off an impossibly romantic wedding proposal for some delighted couple! And the source of our excitement… we have just delivered a thriving, beautiful and eagerly anticipated baby – of the digital variety! Our web relaunch,, is the culmination of months of determined gestation, and we couldn’t be prouder. Please consider yourselves aunts and uncles! And best of all, YOU don’t have to bring a present. Instead this baby gifts you with comprehensive information, enticements subtle and overt and practical tips to make your travel easier, all sweetened with a smile and a laugh – just like our tours!

And it’s easy to use!

Italy is consistently rated one of the five most desired world travel destinations, beguiling you on every level. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to experience the glory of Rome (all roads lead here, after all), the magnificent Renaissance city of Florence and the jaw-dropping amazement of Venice? This trio is often considered Italy 101, your introductory college-level course on human civilization. What man has wrought here has never been equaled elsewhere.

But beyond the major sights of even these three – say the Colosseum, Michelangelo’s David and the Grand Canal – there is so much more that awaits you off major thoroughfares and outside city gates and walls. Sometimes… yes, sometimes… the highlight of a journey is the small town you never heard of, the nature walk you wouldn’t have thought to do, the artisan shop where you’re introduced to a unique craft, the small trattoria where an every-day lunch turns into a meal you’ll never forget.

That’s why our website includes detailed information and tour elements for all twenty regions of Italy, honed and distilled so that you can appreciate the possibilities without having to undertake major research. Let your imagination soar! You don’t have to figure out what is possible, what is worth your precious time… you don’t have to plan.

What, you ask? Not have to plan? Why is that?

Even people who are very comfortable on the web, the most tech-savvy consumers, often yearn for a one-on-one relationship with someone who can speak to a topic from personal experience. In dialogue with you, we can suggest options that are not on your radar, bring up practical issues you may not have considered, present you an organized, thoughtful, creative and fun itinerary. We relish turning your ideas into experiences that are immersive and comfortable, so that no matter how much time you have in Italy – a single free afternoon or five full weeks, you will be a traveler, not a tourist, participating in the fullness of Italian life. Meanwhile your vacation will start immediately, before you get to Italy, because we are expertly handling all the details so that you don’t have to. Our meticulous planning accompanies you all the way from first contact till your trip is complete. We want you to be our treasured client and ultimately, to return to Italy again and again.

So take a peek at our new technological baby, an inspiring place to find human expertise that is best described as simpatico! Let us show you our home in un Googleable ways, taking you down pathways that you can’t find on your own!


Ana and the staff of Selected Tours Italy