- A Tapestry of Dreams and Discoveries - In progress -

In 2002, with my heart fiercely tied to the enchanting lands of Italy, I birthed the dream that is now Selected Tours Italy. This journey of mine blossomed from a profound, life-altering moment while I was guiding a group through the Vatican. Amidst the ancient echoes of St Peter’s Basilica and the art-laden corridors of the Vatican Museums, I witnessed a spectrum of experiences – for some, it was a walk through paradise, yet for others, a challenge of endurance.

This disparity sparked in me not just a challenge, but a calling

There, in that moment of revelation, I saw a clear path forward: to dissolve these barriers and create tailor-made, intimate journeys that adapt to each traveler’s unique story, I envisioned a world where rigid itineraries bowed to personal narratives, where our guests would lead the way with their desires and dreams.

My Digital Canvas - Reflecting Dreams:

In July 2003, my website came to life, transforming into more than just a site but a window into the authentic experiences I, as a passionate local, could offer. It became a canvas for travelers to paint their dream itineraries, guided by my love and knowledge of my cherished homeland.

I ventured beyond Rome, exploring the allure of Tuscany, the serene canals of Venice, the artistry of Florence, and the dramatic coasts of Sorrento and Amalfi.

But also and most importantly the undiscovered, hidden gems, the off-the-beaten-path wonders in underrated regions barely touched by tourism. I embraced these too, revealing the lesser-known yet equally captivating parts of Italy, unearthing the secrets that wait patiently for the curious traveler.

The Journey of Resilience - Against the Tide:

In the early days, I faced resistance from peers who couldn’t envision a future beyond traditional tourism models. It was a lonely battle, but one driven by a firm belief in personalized travel experiences.

With unwavering resolve, I found kindred spirits Laura & Chiara – two brilliant souls who shared my vision. Together, we transformed our operations from outdated methods to innovative, technology-driven solutions, infusing every step with enthusiasm and creativity, and even when Covid-19 cast its shadow, we saw this as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and swiftly transitioned to a fully virtual model, ensuring that the essence of travel and discovery remained alive, even in the darkest of times.

And in the twinkling of a fairy’s eye, our trio of dreamers expanded into a family of ten passionate individuals, each bringing their unique enchantment to our sacred quest.

Within our ‘Meet The Team’ section, you will unearth more than mere profiles – each contributing their unique spark to our mission – you’ll uncover tales of passion and unwavering dedication.

A Haven for Travelers:

We’ve created a space where every traveler feels valued and every journey becomes an unforgettable tale. Our round-the-clock customer service and instant chat features are more than conveniences; they are our open arms, welcoming every question, every feedback with warmth and attention.

Our vision transcends the mere provision of trips; we are architects of experiences that resonate deeply within the heart and awaken the soul. For us, it’s paramount that our travelers not only see Italy, but truly immerse in its culture, absorbing the essence of its heritage, cuisine, and way of life. By collaborating with local connoisseurs – be they culinary masters, vintners, artisans, or historical experts – we craft journeys that weave together the iconic splendors with hidden gems. These journeys are designed not just to showcase Italy’s physical beauty but to facilitate a deeper connection with its soul.

We place great importance on the idea that travelers should have ample opportunity to explore at their own pace. It’s about creating spaces and moments where they can wander off the beaten path, discover a quaint café, engage in conversations with locals, or simply soak in the serene beauty of a sunset over a Tuscan vineyard. This personal exploration is a crucial part of the journey, allowing travelers to connect more authentically with the places and people they encounter.

Moreover, we believe in the transformative power of travel. Our goal is for travelers to return home not just with memories and photographs, but as enriched individuals

Having gained new perspectives and a deeper understanding of the world. We strive to ensure that each journey contributes to personal growth, whether it’s through learning a new Italian recipe, understanding the intricate history of a medieval town, or finding a renewed sense of peace amidst these enchanting landscapes. In essence, our tours are more than just vacations; they are a journey towards personal enrichment and cultural immersion, offering each traveler a chance to return home as a better version of themselves.

St. Peter’s Basilica - Rome

St. Peter’s Basilica, the world’s largest church, stands tall and proud, covering 2.3 hectares and reaching 136.6 meters in height.

At its peak, the golden sphere symbolizes unity between heaven and earth, a gentle reminder of the divine presence within the church.

“Let our experience be a helpful guide for you.”