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It has been a little over a month since our last update on the Coronavirus Situation here in Italy, as we thought of giving you a small break and started flooding you with some innovative activities  we were creating. But before I continue, I would like to take a moment to say to every single nation still going through the curve we are constantly reading and checking up on you and that our hearts are with you, as you were with us. Your compassion, your solidarity, your constant emails of prayers and good wishes towards us are still very much alive in our minds, in fact it was the fuel which allowed us to maintain our heads above water, today we are praying for you as strong as you did for us.

This situation we have gone through has manifested different sides of people we never even knew  existed, right? So we chose to follow the proactive and the re-inventors, the ones who consciously and unconsciously grabbed this moment by the reins. We have followed You, You that magically transformed yourselves into cooks, gardeners, trainers, runners, Yoga teachers and some of you went the extra mile and decided to share these skills with those who needed them. Our Balcony musicians kept our spirits high, strangers down the street or on the other side of the ocean made us laugh and cry, and gave us the strength to keep doing what needed to be done. And even in physical isolation, we found creative ways to stay connected to our loved ones and to create new connections.

So here’s to everybody who helped make our days a little brighter, and to come out of this better and stronger – THANK YOU.

The good thing to know is, being ahead of many countries with regards to the infection curve, you can look at us and see where you could be in a couple of weeks or so. It has been 2 weeks since the strict lockdown measures have been relaxed here in Italy and we already feel that yes, life can go back to normal. It’s just that normality has slightly been changed, but with the use of the mask, which has become a common habit already, and with the social distancing rules, yes, life can start again. And considering we, Italians, got used to it although we are widely known as very expansive people (we love hugging and kissing on the cheek all the people we meet), if we’ve done it, anyone can! And yes, we can meet with our friends again, go shopping, go to the hairdresser, to restaurants and bars. Every place has been given specific rules to ensure keeping the necessary distances, keeping the place sanitized, ensuring people can always have hand sanitizer sprays available in any shop or place they enter. Although it is true there are people less scrupulous, they are by all means the minority. The majority is respecting the rules, as proved by the fact the numbers are still decreasing after 2 weeks from the end of the total lockdown. 

With the effort we all made together, starting from today 3rd June, we will be allowed to move from one region to the other. So, it’s nearly time to go and meet with our relatives and friends outside the region borders, but also time to think about our Summer Holidays! Yes, travelling is not only possible, but finally one of the most desired things to do in the coming weeks and months. After being locked in our homes, we need to relax a bit and lay down under the Italian hot sun, and wash away the difficulties of these past months in our crystalline sea waters or refresh our eyes watching green valleys and mountains.

So how is Selected Tours Italy today? I say we are still ‘’kicking-Ass’’. We can proudly say we are one of the few Tour Operators that have been steadily rising from ‘’Ground Zero’’, worked non-stop to ensure assisting our Travelers with their scheduled trips to Italy, tirelessly updating our clients through Newsletters, remaining authentic, rebuilding our company to fit in the times we are in, respecting the sensibility of our clients, plus we expanded our reach to the Italian market 2020. We dived into different projects, from Virtual Proposals, Virtual Dedications, and On-Site Virtual Tours with Top Guides in every corner of Italy. Since the beginning we have been fearlessly facing the situation with such positive energy that we are managing to resist these very hard times we are going through Because this is what challenges do: they can drag you down or push you to reach new levels you never expected.

Every day without question we have worked and created precious ideas to use now and in the coming years, we are proud to have faced the adversities with grit, and to be able to show the world what we are capable of, re-invent ourselves in the blink of an eye,  staying grounded and focused now more than ever. 

So, continue Following us, because you are our constant strength and inspiration to keep pushing boundaries further and further.

Ana & The STI Team

‘’I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.  

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  

Being willing is not enough; we must do.”

Leonardo Da vinci


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    Posted by Victoria Berger| 3rd June 2020 |Reply

    Ana So well said! Love from Hilton Head SC

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      Posted by Ana| 4th June 2020 |Reply

      Hi Vicky thank you for your “well said” comment!! And by the way, you are the first one to ever comment on our blog!! Thank you so much!

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