The Heritage Tour


Uncovering family history, finding birth certificates, marriage certificates, former homes, surviving family members and neighbors, even gravesites of generations long past – this is a complicated puzzle that requires many eyes and many hands. Our administrative Team usually dives in well before the clients arrive, in fact as soon as we are informed that the booking will include a family search. Once the Clients are under our care, our Guides use our Clients’ information combined with what our Team has found to plot a line of inquiry. Despite the fact that we’re really good in Italy at archiving documents, not all family and genealogical searches pan out. 


Think about the task – an estimated 13 million Italians left Italy between 1880 and 1976 (but mainly between 1880 and the early ‘30s). Most were escaping dire poverty, making the hard decision to leave family, language and familiar surroundings for foreign shores where they would only survive by hard work.


The descendants of this diaspora are now coming back, completing the circle. Most are just on vacation, but some add a family search which makes it all the more meaningful, as you discovered. But be warned  – some fall prey to Italy’s charms and move back for good! Selected Tours Italy can help with that, too!


Come trace your ancestry, family homes and remaining relatives and friends HERE, with us. Let us research your Story with our team of genealogists before your arrival, and take you to the places that are almost lost to memory, combining your family story with a finely organized historical and cultural tour of your roots.




  • This most meaningful personal journey is perhaps the most transformative Trip you will ever take 
  • Discover your Ancestors’ birth, marriage and death records at local archives and City Halls
  • Conjure up the past as you walk your family’s ancestral village, visit its monuments and places of worship
  • Meet locals who can add to your history – our Guides will translate! 
  • Eat as your family ate – discover the traditional tastes of your family’s heritage 


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