Time and Tide wait for no man!

In a world where we are experiencing changes in tidal patterns, sea levels rising, changes in weather patterns, and the increasing levels of pollution that grow on a daily basis, the simple question is “How are we going to manage these issues properly, to ensure that what we see in our lifetime, will remain the status quo?”

For those that aren’t aware of it, the ever-changing world we live in is being destroyed by our own fair hands, whether that is through pollution by harmful gases, chemical waste, or simply via everyday products for example aluminum food cans, children’s nappies, and plastic bottles, that we as consumers increasingly throw out or just abandon, therefore creating an environmental issue for the whole of our planet’s population to deal with now and in the future!

Furthermore, in a recent study carried out by researchers from New Zealand, they found that Microplastics were identified in freshly fallen Antarctic snow for the first time, which by their very nature are toxic to both plants and animals, meaning that even in the most remote of locations there are signs that the pollutants that we dispose of on a daily basis, are causing our world to continually change, especially where our seas and oceans are concerned.
Given that, the changes in pollution levels are growing regularly, especially during peak tourism times, the implications of these changes in transportation usage, waste production from the movement of tourism, and the need to dispose of the waste produced can not only be felt for the next couple of years but also in the future too!

The recurring impact of the aforementioned pollution is having an untold effect on our main tourist areas, where we are utilizing all our natural resources including from the seas around our beautiful country to feed the locals and tourists who visit at peak times from around the globe.

So what effect does this pollution have on our food sources?
In a nutshell, the effects are both harmful and damaging to our food supply chain, as we are noticing the way in which our food tastes, the micro particles found in the sealife’s intestines, and importantly what is being served to us on a plate, making it taste different, leading to it having an impact on us, which potentially may be damaging our own health and wellbeing in the long term, as well it leading to it having a knock-on effect on a wider scale around the globe.

Therefore, the need to make an impactful change can only occur if we try and make a real difference, by thinking about the way we dispose of our waste and educating ourselves to better understand the way that waste can take up to thousands of years to breakdown.

The more we do now, the more likely we are to protect ourselves from polluting our seas, our land, and the environment around us!


Enjoy your Summer and don’t forget Time and Tide wait for no man!


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