Alberobello with Primitivo Wine Tasting

70011 Alberobello, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy
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One of the most memorable towns you’ll visit in Italy

Alberobello, part of the Bari comune, may well be the most picturesque village in Puglia and is UNESCO-listed for its over 1600 cone-shaped trulli. Dating from the 14 th century, these pixie-like houses have white-washed walls topped by conical roofs of dry-stacked limestone, with a whimsical spire on top. Their unique construction may have been a centuries-old tax dodge since ‘temporary’ (unmortared) structures couldn’t be taxed. Enjoy walking through this quirky village, and stop for lunch, possibly in a trullo-adapted restaurant. Later visit a local winery that produces famous Primitivo wine. Tour the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process and enjoy tastings.

  • Pick-up/drop off from your Puglia accommodations
  • Lunch is not included

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