Hiking and Trekking the Unhurried Trails – length varies

National Park of Abruzzo, Italy
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The sound of your footfalls and the sound of the birds…

In a Region where rolling hills meet the Apennines, whose interior is dotted with isolated villages no longer thriving and neglected fortresses no longer protecting, hiking and trekking are natural activities. Decide on a bank of time, then let us create an itinerary that will match your comfort level – or push you beyond… From day excursions to multi-day treks, we have a variety of easy to challenging routes that include bear watching, wolf tracking, snowshoeing in winter, following shepherd trails to waterfalls and trekking to the highest peaks. “Forte e gentile”, strong and gentle, is Abruzzo’s motto, apt words that describe our individual and family experience of environmental awareness.

  • Guided hikes led by experts on local flora, fauna and topography
  • Customizable Tour

*NOTE: These hikes and treks are fully supported and fully customizable, operating in Abruzzo National Park and other parks. For recommended clothing and equipment, please contact us.

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