Private Walking Tour of Roman Assisi

06081 Assisi, Province of Perugia, Italy
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Ancient Romans looked out on the same amazing view…

Well before its association with Christianity, Assisi was a Roman town, well-fortified and containing important civic structures. Your local guide will point out its ancient amphitheater, hidden among medieval buildings (and teach you how to identify ancient amphitheaters in towns throughout Europe). Discover the Roman mausoleum, tunnel, forum and Temple of Minerva, later repurposed into the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva – note its classical façade and six Corinthian columns. Assisi’s Roman city walls have endured, surviving multiple conquests and earthquakes. A highlight of the tour will be a recently discovered Roman villa whose splendid frescoes and marble mosaics possess an uncommon degree of preservation.

  • Expert Local Private Guide
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*Certain venues have specific dress codes that prohibit entry to those wearing sleeveless shirts or shorts/skirts above the knee

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