Roman Aqueducts LIVE Virtual Tour

Rome, Colosseum
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  • LIVE Virtual Tour

YOU will be in front of an Ancient Roman Aqueducts … in a click

Ever wondered how Romans could get clean water from the distance up to the center of the Eternal City? How could Romans have so much water at disposition for their numerous Fountains, Public Baths or Private Houses? If you want to find out this and much more, our Roman Aqueducts Virtual Tour is just the Perfect idea for you! We will bring the magical atmosphere of the Ancient Rome right to your houses. Immersed in a green park, the glorious constructions of the Roman Aqueducts stand tall towards the sky. Let our Expert Local Guide take you there in a click!

  • Your Guide Live from the Park of the Roman Aqueducts, making you feel as if you were there
  • Immersive and Interactive Commentary to discover the Secrets of the Site
  • Time to ask your Questions

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