In planning the components of your vacation, one of the best decisions you can make is to preorder private transfers. This means that when you deplane from a long flight, when you’re struggling to get your luggage off the train, when you are finally allowed to go ashore from your cruise vessel, even when you are scrambling to pack your last purchases before heading to the airport, there will be a private car and driver waiting to whisk you to your destination, no translation or negotiation required. What a relief to see your name held aloft by a uniformed driver, to have your luggage handled, and to not worry about orienting yourself or having the right cash on hand.

This simple practice at once eliminates a host of potential problems. Selected Tours has vetted the top transportation services throughout Italy, allowing us to offer you experienced drivers who are fully licensed and insured, operating clean, well-maintained vehicles sized for your needs. Drivers in our program are fluent English-speakers, happy to narrate your drive if you want information but also sensitive to clients who need privacy or sleep. Treat yourself to hassle-free transportation by the most direct route, ready when you’re ready, dropping you relaxed at your destination.

Selected Tours Italy can help you with these transportation needs:

  • 1Airport and train station pick-ups and drop offs
  • 2Cruise ship shore excursions (we get you back on time!)
  • 3Sporting events, business conferences
  • 4Golf holidays
  • 5Day touring and countryside trips
  • 6Weddings, birthday & anniversary celebrations
  • 7Last minute bookings plus 24-hour on call

To watch the road or watch the scenery?
Self-drive in Italy can be hard on the uninitiated. Particularly in cities, streams of cars, motorcycles and pedestrians jockey for the same space. Streets, some never widened since horse-and-cart days, may change direction and/or name from one block to the next, or have multiple street names on the same block, reflecting past identities. Parking spaces are few, far between and frequently creative. Furthermore lack of familiarity with language, signage and the free-spirited machismo of Italian drivers (men and women!) may give foreign drivers pause. You are sharing the road with people who think they’re driving the Grand Prix, even without the Maserati.

While the autostradas are well marked, country roads aren’t, thereby offering opportunities for uncharted exploration. Exploration may include searching for filling stations, less common here than abroad.

Or… enjoy the luxury and peace of mind of having a car and driver, at reasonable prices with no hidden extras. These drivers are experts in their regions, not just the detours and shortcuts, but the anecdotal stories, the best rest stops, places to eat and scenic views. And they do the parking. The #1 benefit: you are in control and have complete flexibility!

One last thing
If you decide to go it alone, steer clear of touts who may approach you at airports, train stations, etc. offering you cut-rate or no-cost transportation. There is no free lunch. They may be taking you to over-priced establishments that pay them for bringing in unwitting clients, or they may be more interested in your wallet than your destination. Make sure that any transportation you select displays the appropriate government licenses and that the vehicle is either metered or you are absolutely clear on the final fare.

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Client Testimonials

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We chose Ana based on TripAdvisor reviews and she did not disappoint in the slightest. She was passionate, organised and incredibly informative every step of the way and is perfect for private tours. I went with my mother and sister and all of us agreed how amazing she is. She really makes you feel comfortable and ensures you have a great time, and made the booking process a breeze, even from Australia. Ana led us on a tour of the Vatican and the Ancient City, showing us areas off the beaten track that even I’d never seen before, having done different tours of the same places. She went above and beyond for us, giving us directions and recommendations even after we had finished the tours. I will definitely be using Ana again for Rome, and any other place or tour she would be offering. You’d be crazy to go for any other tour group when such amazing private tours are available. She made our Roman experience truly memorable.

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