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Dear fellow Gibraltarians:

Great News starting from 1st March 2022. There are no more Country Lists in Italy. And you will no longer need to take any swab tests to travel to Italy.

Italy considers Gibraltar within “List D”. 

This means that to enter Italy from Gibraltar you need to follow these regulations:

  1. When you check in a couple of days before your departure, do not forget to fill out the digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF)  *Please Note: only in case of lack of necessary tools to fill out the dPLF, you can use a paper-based self-declaration and present it to the carrier or any other authorized person, either printed or on one’s mobile device.
  2. Present your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by GHA proving your full course of vaccination (valid and completed vaccination cycle) to the transport operator at the time of boarding and to anyone appointed to carry out the checks. This will include Hotels/Cafes/restaurants/museums etc.  This can be shown either in digital or in paper format. 
  3. Undergo a rapid swab 24 hours prior to your arrival in Italy or molecular swab (PCR) 48 hours prior (until 28th February 2022). This can be shown either in digital or in paper format.
IMPORTANT UPDATES: Starting from 1st March 2022, point 3 will no longer be required. This means you will not need to take a Swab Test to enter Italy.




What is a Green Pass and do I need one?

In Italy, the Covid-19 Certificate is called the Green Pass.  This is a Certificate issued to EU citizens, you will not need to find out how to get it, because non-EU citizens are not required to hold it. The GHA Covid-19 Pass proving that you have received 2 doses of vaccine plus your Booster must be accepted by anyone (as determined by the Ministry of Health on the Ordinance issued on 29th July 2021 – page 9 article 7). Whilst in Italy, should you find yourself in front of someone that might not understand this situation and they have no idea what you are talking about as your information is in English, show your GHA Covid-19 Pass and simply point to the information and say:  “Vengo da Gibilterra, ho completato la mia vaccinazione. Il nostro QR non funziona in Italia”.  Or show them the Ordinance art. 7 on page 9. You should not be requested to show a valid QR code (until this is validated by the European Commission) or pay to get one.

What is a valid Full Course Vaccination (a completed vaccination cycle) in Italy for Gibraltarians?

  • A Vaccination with 2 Doses (validity of 6 months from the last dose).
  • A Vaccination with 3 Doses (right now there is no validity limitation in Italy in case you have had your Booster. But this might be subject to revision from the Government at any time).
The Recovery Certificate is not a valid document to enter Italy from Gibiltrar (also from Great Britain and Northern Ireland), not even if you have had your 2 doses before. This means you will need to hold a valid Vaccination Certificate to travel to Italy.  The doses must be of an EMA-approved Vaccine: Comirnaty by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), Jansen (Johnson & Johnson), or Nuvaxovid (Novavax). 

Can I access Hotels, Museums, Restaurants, Theaters, Cinemas, or use public transport?

Yes. With your GHA Covid-19 Pass certifying a valid full course vaccination, there is no reason why you should not be allowed.

I am traveling with my kids. Do they need to be vaccinated or do a Covid test to enter Italy?

From 0 to 5 – they are not required to be vaccinated or to be tested.

From 6 to 17 – they are not required to be vaccinated to enter Italy, but they will need to undergo a swab test as their parents, before traveling to Italy (24 hours prior to arrival in case of rapid test and 48 hours prior in case of PCR – molecular test).

I am traveling with my kids. Do they need a Covid Certificate to access Hotels, Museums, Restaurants..?

From 0 to 11 – they are not required to have any Certificates.

From 12 onwards – They are required to show their Covid-19 Certificate. If they are not vaccinated but entered Italy with a swab test only, they will need to repeat the test every 48 hours to use any facilities in Italy.

Once in Italy, shall I wear a mask?

You will need to wear a mask in all indoor public areas. Also, you are requested to wear it in outdoor areas in situations of gathering. FFP2 mask is required when attending public outdoor events and on public transportation (domestic flights, trains, buses..). This is valid until 31st March 2022 and depending on the situation validity might or might not be extended.

What do I need to do before returning to Gibraltar?

From 21st February 2022, you will no longer need to undergo a swab test to enter Spain from Italy. This is according to the Spanish list of risk areas which is updated weekly. We suggest that you check it before traveling to Spain (you can do it by clicking on this link).

Before returning to Gibraltar, you will need to load your Covid Vaccination Certificate on the Gibraltar Passenger Locator Form at this link and book a swab test at the following link. Please note that you will be requested to take the test ON the day of arrival and self-isolate while waiting for the negative result (this is valid for anyone over 12 years old).


*All the information provided is based on the current regulations.


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