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Sometimes when the time is right, we need to just plan an idea, do something inspirational, plot a course, and see where our mood takes us, whether that is to a city or town anywhere in the world! 

Here we may be with friends or traveling solo on this journey, chasing our dreams for that something special, with one thing that doesn’t change throughout, and that is the desire to make memories that last a lifetime.

When it comes to planning your Trip, it couldn’t be easier, as we have it all covered for you. Yes, that’s right, here at Selected Tours Italy we have it all in hand. Taking care of everything from transfers to tourist attraction visits, visiting the best locations to enjoy the delights of your Italian vacation, we can simply make it happen.

So, the next question is – Where do you want to visit? 


This is where the real planning comes along, and you need to identify whether you are traveling as a family, a group of friends, or alternatively as a solo traveler. Once you have sorted this bit out, then it’s time to come to Selected Tours Italy, so we can help you have the best experiences available in your chosen destinations.

Here at Selected Tours, we are meticulous in our approach to planning your vacation for you. If you want to visit the Colosseum in Rome, not a problem, we can assist you with this, enabling you to have guided tours around this ancient landmark, experiencing all it has to offer. Note that the Ancient City is not just the hypogeum of the Colosseum ‘’which by the way you can clearly see from the arena floor or the upper floors of the Arena! But the House of Augustus, The House of Livia,  The Domus Aurea,  The Roman, and Imperial Forums (recently new areas opened to the public), The Capitoline Hill, The Via Appia, The Roman Aqueducts, the Circus Maximus, The Crypta Balbi, The Foro Boarium… and on and on and on…

Furthermore, If you want to go to Venice to see the sites and take a trip on one of the famous gondolas that circum-navigate the canals around Venice, not a problem, we can help you with this. After all, here at Selected Tours Italy, nothing really is an issue, because we care that much about our Clients, treating them as VIPs on their vacations, welcoming you the only way we know:  as a part of La Famiglia!  And now that I’ve mentioned La Famiglia we also help our ‘’italo-travelers’’ to organize the Heritage Tour. A complicated puzzle that requires many eyes and many hands. A task that here at Selected Tours Italy has aced every time.

After all, it is important to show you that we can do everything here for you, why? Because otherwise you might not have the best time here in Italy, and we wouldn’t want that to happen at all.

By letting us do it all, it gives you that real peace of mind, that lets you relax, savor your time here, and importantly do what you want to do, and that is make memories that last a lifetime, something that we pride ourselves on at Selected Tours Italy.

With Italy opening up more and more allowing visitors to plan their vacations to our wonderful and picturesque Country, maybe it’s time to pack up your luggage, purchase those plane tickets, and let Selected Tours Italy take care of the rest!

We look forward to seeing you here very soon!

Selected Tours Italy Team

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