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Part Europe and part Africa, Sicily (Sicilia) was the ancient crossroads of the Mediterranean. Its progression of colonizers left behind a rich and varied legacy, affecting language, customs, cooking, art, architecture – even DNA. It is said that less Italian blood flows through Sicilian veins than Phoenician, Greek, Arab, Norman, Spanish and French. Sicily’s ruins are among the most spectacular in the ancient Greek world, rivaling Athens. Arab influence can be seen in Sicily’s love of ornamentation. The Normans left magnificent cathedrals. Sicilian Baroque ties directly to 17th century Viceregal Spain. Spicy, exotic Sicilian cuisine harkens to Africa. Taken together with breathtaking landscapes and magnificent beaches – Sicily is irresistible!

Expand your horizons… Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean, separated from the toe of Italy’s boot by the Strait of Messina, only 3 km wide at its narrowest point. Air service joins it to all major cities in Italy, and ferry service connects Messina to Reggio Calabria, and Palermo to Genoa or Naples. Combine Sicily easily with the Riace Bronzes in Reggio Calabria, in Calabria; and with Naples, the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri, in Campania; with Cinque Terre, in Liguria; connect by frequent air to Rome or Milan.

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