Travel bans &  Restrictions in Italy  + Rules & Regulations for a Safe & Wonderful Vacation!

Dear Travellers, the following Information has been extracted from the  Official Italian Government & the Official EU Council Sites.

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Note:  We will be updating our page as new information on travel restrictions to travel to Italy and new regulations become available. Latests update: 2nd October 2020

Before Planning



Travel to Italy is freely permitted from






No limitations


EU COUNTRIES (except Romania, Croatia, France – limited to regions shown in below section – Greece, Malta and Spain), SCHENGEN, UNITED KINGDOM, NORTHERN IRELAND, ANDORRA, PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO

Movements from these Countries are allowed without the obligation of isolation. Provided that you have not transited or stayed in any of the Countries from where quarantine is required, you will just need to fill a self-declaration when entering. We suggest to print it and fill it before travelling to Italy.





Travel to Italy is permitted with some restrictions from










SPAIN, FRANCE (limited to the regions of AUVERGNE-RHONE-ALPES, CORSICA, HAUTS-DE-FRANCE, ILE-DE-FRANCE, NEW AQUITAINE, OCCITANE, PROVENCE-ALPES-COTE D’AZUR), GREECE, CROATIA, MALTA (or you have been visiting any of these Countries within 14 days prior to your visit to Italy).

If you are arrive from or have been visiting these Countries within 14 days prior to your visit to Italy:

a. You are requested to present a certificate proving negative result to COVID-19 (swab test taken within 72 hours prior to entry in Italy). Certificate might have to be shown at the time of boarding or at border controls. In case you have not tested before departing, you must have a swab test done upon arrival at the Airport, Port or National Border, or you must do the test within 48 hours upon arrival in Italy, at the Local Health Unit. While waiting for the test result, self-isolation at home or residence is required. Hence, we would strongly reccommend our Travellers to do it within 72 hours prior to  your entry in Italy.

b. You will need to report your entry to the Prevention Department of the competent Health Authority upon arrival (there are Covid-19 Regional telephone hotlines availble).


ROMANIA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, GEORGIA, JAPAN, NEW ZELAND, RWANDA, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, THAILAND, TUNISIA, URUGUAY (or you have been visiting any of these Countries within 14 days prior to your visit to Italy).

If you are arrive from or have been visiting these Countries within 14 days prior to your visit to Italy: Quarantine is mandatory. You need to fill a self-declaration and can only reach your final destination in Italy by private means (Airport transit is allowed, without leaving the dedicated areas of the terminal). 





Travel to Italy is temporarily suspended from





USA, India, Russia 

There is an EU  travel ban in place for non-essential Travels. So, travelling to Italy for Tourism from these Countries is not permitted at the moment.

You might be allowed to Travel for essential reasons ( i.e. work, health or study reasons, absolute urgency, return to home or residence – a specific procedure needs to be followed in those cases).  There is also a possibility to enter Italy if you have a proven and stable affective relationship (regardless of whether or not they cohabit) with Italian/EU/Schengen citizens or with persons who are legally resident in Italy (on a long-term basis) and if you are travelling to your partner’s home/domicile/dwelling (in Italy). Need our local expertise? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Kosovo, Kuwait,  Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Oman, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic

Travelling to Italy from these Countries is banned, until further notice.







    • Positive diagnosis for COVID-19 in the 14 days before travelling
    • Showing even a single symptom of COVID-19 in the 8 days before travelling: fever, dry cough, breathing difficulties, loss of taste or smell, nasal congestion, sore throat, diarrhea (mostly in children)
    • Close contact (e.g. less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes) with a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in the 14 days before travelling

Once in Italy

















    • You need to wear a face mask: in public indoor areas (shops, pharmacy, cinemas, on means of public transportation…); outdoors, when social distancing is not possible.  In the whole Italy: Between 6pm and 6am , you must wear a face mask in public outdoor areas where it is more common to have large gatherings of people. Only children aged under 6 years or persons with a respiratory condition who cannot have their breathing restricted are exempt from wearing it. In the Regions of Lazio, Campania, Calabria (from 25th September to 7th October), Sicily (from 30th September to 30th October): you are requested to always wear a mask outdoors. In the city center of Genoa and in the whole city of Foggia, wearing a mask in the outdoor areas. In the Region of Piedmont, it is requested to wear a mask in outdoor areas nearby schools.
    • Hand sanitizer is usually available at the entrance of any shops, bars, Restaurants.
    • Your temperature might be checked when entering shops (this is a standard policy especially when entering Malls).
    • You can be requested to leave your name and phone number when entering in a Restaurant (this info will be kept for 15 days for contact tracing purposes).
    • Local Transportation capacity is reduced by 50% to ensure people can mantain the distance inside, where it is requested to wear a face mask anyway.
    • Travelling on Taxis or Private Vehicles hired with Chauffer, you should sit on the back seats and wear your face mask, unless there is a divider installed between the driver and the passengers (who should all be permanent cohabiters)
    • If You have any of the Covid-19 symptoms, do not go to Hospital, but call the Local Authority Number “1500”  to ask for instructions.

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