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Legend has it that in the 13th century, Marco Polo imported the noodle from China to Venice. Who could have imagined that pasta (not gun powder!) would conquer the world? Just wheat flour and water, teamed with tomato, olives and olive oil… Add garlic and cheeses, wild herbs and mushrooms, truffles and pears and it’s a global game-changer! Italian food is ranked the world’s #1 cuisine, and here at the source it attains a delectability that is hard to duplicate. Come learn how to prepare your own Italian regional specialties – in the regions themselves! The best pizza from Naples. The Roman pastas: l’amatriciana, la gricia, la carbonara. Grilled meats, fowl and fish coaxed by herbs and sauces to finger-kissing perfection. The sweet endings – tiramisu, gelato, handmade and artisanal. There is not only technique to learn, there is history behind these dishes – how saffron came to risotto alla Milanese, how buffalo milk changes mozzarella, how Italian coffee blends, exported throughout the world, developed their own rituals, how Limoncello and Amaretto bring the orchard into your glass.

And when it comes to wines, Italy is so much more than ABC – Amarone, Barolo and Chianti Classico! Let us take you through the alphabet, tasting wines from every corner of Italy, from family-run to internationally known wineries. Later relax in an enoteca, feeling oh-so-chic as you sip vintage wines and enjoy savory aperitivi.

Ask an Italian where to find the best food and wine in Italy and you’ll get 100 answers. You are lucky – tell us where you want to go and we’ll supply the best gastronomic experiences, including our favorite ristorantes, small-scale cooking classes, guided market tours and visits to private homes to learn how Mamma makes her inimitable Bolognese. And it won’t stop there – food and wine go exceptionally well with magnificent scenery, art, culture and history – the perfect pairing for your vacation!

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We chose Ana based on TripAdvisor reviews and she did not disappoint in the slightest. She was passionate, organised and incredibly informative every step of the way and is perfect for private tours. I went with my mother and sister and all of us agreed how amazing she is. She really makes you feel comfortable and ensures you have a great time, and made the booking process a breeze, even from Australia. Ana led us on a tour of the Vatican and the Ancient City, showing us areas off the beaten track that even I’d never seen before, having done different tours of the same places. She went above and beyond for us, giving us directions and recommendations even after we had finished the tours. I will definitely be using Ana again for Rome, and any other place or tour she would be offering. You’d be crazy to go for any other tour group when such amazing private tours are available. She made our Roman experience truly memorable.

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