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A Tourist for a Day at the Vatican Museums: post-lockdown

Even though I have visited Rome many times and as a British expat living in the central region of Italy, Umbria, I was still keen to visit Rome and be a tourist for a day especially in this post-lockdown period. Usually in July, Rome is one of the most crowded cities in the world due to the sheer number of international visitors. But now, Rome is very different. Quiet. Peaceful. And a unique time to visit Rome.

After 3 months of closure, the Vatican Museums OPENED on 1st June. Queues are usually upwards of 2-3 hours in the peak summer season. So, knowing that Rome would be quiet, this is a perfect time to visit.

Our friends recommended Anna from Selected Tours to take us on a 3 hour guided tour. We were immediately drawn in by Anna’s bubbly and friendly welcome! We waltzed into the museum. No queues! None!!! Safety measures are in place. 🚶‍♀️ 🚶🏻‍♂️Physical Distancing 😷 Mandatory Masks 🤒 Temperature Check 👮‍♂️ Reduced Capacity are all standard.

Anna is highly knowledgeable and personable and fun! But there is something else, something special about Anna. Not like any other tour guide I’ve met. Anna is a story teller, Anna helps you understand the painting by transporting you back in time to Michaelangelo and Raffaello. Once you know the story, you find yourself ‘in’ the painting. An extraordinary talent!

If you want to be tourist for a day in Rome, go to the Vatican Museums and enjoy the quiet corridors and savour the art in peace while you still can. And book Anna to take you around. You won’t be disappointed!

Date of experience: July 2020


Italy has always been a place that inspired yearning, a coveted destination for those who sought a life without boundaries…

Let your imagination precede you, then find your adventure – and yourself – in the wonders of Italy!

Italy is yours to embrace, brimming with the style of Gucci, Ferrari and Armani even as it bears traces of the Etruscans and the Romans. Geographically exquisite, architecturally fascinating, stylish and modern as tomorrow and quaint and rustic as yesterday – this is Italy! Here 500 years is not considered old, the most delicious food is everyday expected fare, and gelato is nothing like you have at home. At least once, you owe it to yourself to Experience Italy. Let us show it to you! From simple Transportation to grand tours and everything in between, Selected Tours can transform your longing into reality. We will create your special Private Tour of Italy.
Our style is two-way – your desires meet our expertise. If you’re just getting started, if you’re mid-stream, or even if you are already in Italy – contact us. Let us make your travel planning easy and efficient.

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