The Heritage Tour – Discover your Roots in Calabria

Calabria, Italy
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A Completely Custom Tour in Real Time, not virtually through an ancestry website

Driven by poverty and the promise of employment, millions of Italians immigrated to the United States, Canada and Australia between 1870 and the Great Depression, with many more to follow through the 1980s. Interestingly, they kept alive in foreign places many dialects and customs that have mostly disappeared from modern Italy. Come trace your ancestry, family homes and remaining relatives and friends HERE, with us. Let us research your story with our team of genealogists before your arrival, and take you to the places that are almost lost to memory, combining your family story with a finely organized historical and cultural tour of your roots.

  • This most meaningful personal journey is perhaps the most transformative trip you will ever take
  • Discover your ancestors’ birth, marriage and death records at local archives and city halls
  • Conjure up the past as you walk your family’s ancestral village, visit its monuments and places of worship
  • Meet locals who can add to your history – our guides will translate!
  • Eat as your family ate – discover the traditional tastes of your family’s heritage
  • Immerse yourself in unique local experiences tailored to your time, interests and budget

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