Italy Updates

Time and Tide wait for no man!

In a world where we are experiencing changes in tidal patterns, sea levels rising, changes in weather patterns, and the increasing levels of pollution that grow on a daily basis, the simple question is “How are we going to manage these issues properly, to ensure that what we see in our lifetime, will remain the […]

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Italy Countryside

We Love it when a Plan comes together!

  Sometimes when the time is right, we need to just plan an idea, do something inspirational, plot a course, and see where our mood takes us, whether that is to a city or town anywhere in the world!  Here we may be with friends or traveling solo on this journey, chasing our dreams for [...]

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Big Occasions deserve Special Vacations!

As the title of my latest article suggests, “Big Occasions deserve Special Vacations“, it’s great that we can all open our cards and presents in the comfort of our own homes, with family looking on acknowledging the gifts you have received from them and others, with you thanking them for making the effort to think […]

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Travelling to Italy from Gibraltar

  Dear fellow Gibraltarians: Great News starting from 1st March 2022. There are no more Country Lists in Italy. And you will no longer need to take any swab tests to travel to Italy. Italy considers Gibraltar within “List D”.  This means that to enter Italy from Gibraltar you need to follow these regulations: When […]

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What happens if Selected Tours comes to the rescue?

Selected Tours Italy – Your Peace of Mind As 2022 begins to unfold itself, I think it’s important to stress from this point that on a daily basis, we are looking to constantly evolve our business, look for avenues of growth, and most importantly remember that we need to draw a line in the sand […]

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The Heritage Tour

  Uncovering family history, finding birth certificates, marriage certificates, former homes, surviving family members and neighbors, even gravesites of generations long past – this is a complicated puzzle that requires many eyes and many hands. Our administrative Team usually dives in well before the clients arrive, in fact as soon as we are informed that […]

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